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However music lovers would like to categorise Heather Waters’ music, it is not just about the sound – it’s about the positive, the happy and the feel-good, living life to the full, the message of hope – in a nutshell, it’s about the experience.

A musician with a decade of local and international experience behind her back, Heather has travelled, and performed in South Africa, the Mediterranean, parts of Europe and the United Kingdom on various occasions with many different musicians and creative artists, collecting a wealth of cultural knowledge from people from all walks of life. This really comes through at her live shows; with a dynamic stage presence, Heather’s voice displays the sentiment and passion of 1960’s and 70’s folk singers, but one cannot deny it is a completely unique and powerful sound that just draws you in and lifts your spirits.

This December Heather Waters begins her ‘LIVE YOUR DREAMS TOUR’ from Mossel Bay to Coffee Bay along the Sunshine Coast –  After fighting a chronic illness which left her in a wheelchair for almost two years, this tour is definitely one of Heather’s dreams come true as she celebrates the return of her strength and mobility.

Heather will be joined on tour by her band: Nick Kuiper on bass guitar, Floris le Roux on guitar and Briers Coetzee on drums and percussion.

Alongside this tour also comes the exciting release of her new single ‘Pick Daisies’ for her upcoming album ‘The Campervan Collective Volume 2'.  This is the latest work released by Heather since her popular 2012 album ‘The Campervan Collective. Volume 1’

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