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NEW ALBUM ‘The Campervan Collective. Volume 1’

The title refers to the Collective Experience that makes Heather Waters music what it is.  Here she pays tribute to the eclectic mix of musicians, roadies, friends and photographers that have been a part of her tours and music. 

This album is a great package, oh yes!  It’s a collection of catchy songs and thought-provoking lyrics, but what makes it unique, is that it comes with a collection of perfectly selected photos so that you can choose which album cover you want to use!

The buzz around Heather’s new album derives from the simple fact that she is a brilliant songwriter.  Her songs and performance burn with energy that was commonplace back in the 1960’s.  Waters sings of ‘love revolution’ and entertains audiences with her foot-tapping folk songs and satires, while ethereally captivating them with her serious side.


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Jan 11
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