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Album Review – SA Music Scene

''Heather Waters carves out her own personal folk-rock narrative with the release of her new album Castles and Towers. Waters creates an album that blends the sensibility of pop rock with the rambling nature of folk rock and injects it with the thought provoking nature of intelligent punk rock. It is a pop album that abandons any pretence of genre constraints as Waters delivers strong song-writing, sharp-tongued lyricism and witty rhymes.

She, and her band of musicians, has spent the past decade touring Europe and South Africa.  It is in these experiences that Waters must have developed such a keen love for crafting each song on Castles and Towers into a story. “The Talking Song” weaves a tale of trying to love someone for who they truly are but eventually being pushed away by their destructive and violent nature. Title song “Castles and Towers” is a tribute to Cape Town and the vibrant nature of the city. It pays homage to the diversity of the city and acknowledges the fact that a wide variety of stories from every corner of the globe have found their way to this little city on the tip of the Southern peninsula. Waters delivers a series of songs that talk of a “love revolution” and encourages people to love the life they’ve got and to love the people around them.

Heather Waters and her album come at an interesting time in South Africa’s narrative, but also at a time where the narratives of all cultures are fused together as we speed towards the uncertainty of the future. Perhaps her eccentric style of folk-rock storytelling can nudge South Africa in a positive direction.''    – Craig Roxburgh – SA Music Scene

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Jan 19
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