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NEW ALBUM Release: Heather Waters ‘Castles & Towers’

Heather Waters is no stranger to the music scene, with over a decade of touring and performing under her belt — gracing stages both modest and mammoth along the way — Heather and her band of intrepid performers have been through a hell of a lot, much of which shines through in her latest full-length offering, Castles & Towers.

The 9-track album, produced by multi-SAMA award winning engineer and producer, Peter Pearlson, doesn’t let up for a second as it rollercoasters through a variety of inspired tracks, both familiar and fresh to fans of Waters’ previous work.

From the gypsy-esque harmonies and grooves of Diamonds to the recognisable melody — yet totally new-fangled arrangement — of fan-favourite, Pick Daisies, right down to the surprising and outlandish distorted drive of the rock anthem, This Ship’s Not Sinking, Heather and her band’s far-reaching assortment of influences — musical, cultural and biographical — are bold and unflinching, and work perfectly in conjuring an equal tally of powerful emotions in the listener.     -Nick Frost- November 2015


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Nov 18
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